Installation and ConfigurationΒΆ


Installation of TMIP-EMAT can be done through the Anaconda package manager, or from source. Installing from the package manager is recommended for users who are interested in the exploratory modeling tools, but are not responsible for conducting core model runs. For modelers who wish to integrate a new core model into EMAT, installing from and editing the source code is recommended.


Python has two versions (2 and 3) but . only version 3 is currently maintained for most tools. TMIP-EMAT is compatible only with version 3.6 or later.

Core Model Configuration

Depending on the particular model being used, a core model configuration file may be necessary to define the folder locations, paths to executables and other necessary information about the core model installation on the local system. The actual contents of this file will be determined by the requirements of the core model. The file is loaded when the core model is initialized.

For an example of a configuration file in use, see the GBNRTC example model

Each TMIP-EMAT deployment will have a single core model configuration file. Settings that are specific to a particular application are defined in the Scope File.